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We conduct air quality testing to inspect the mold content in the air and will provide the client with certified lab results upon submitting the sample we collected. People will need air quality testing when they suspect mold is present in the home, however, there are no physical traces seen.

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Concern for the Quality of Air

Concern for the quality of air should be everyone’s priority! Call our air quality testing Washington DC team!


First we have to establish what the air quality in your home is so that we can act according to the results. Moreover, some surveys show that indoor air can cause more diseases and serious illnesses than outdoor pollution so we take this step seriously because it determines the next procedure



We are identifying all the potential threats in your home where potential sources of bad air can spread within your home. We especially examine HVAC systems and any signs of mold or moisture and we take necessary action


Moisture Assessment

You do not need to experience water damage to have problems with mold and moisture, but if you did experience there is a big chance of mold and moisture appearing. With our advanced tools we examine the current state and decide which chemicals are the best for the issue


Air Sampling

We offer a holistic approach to the air quality testing and we use special tools for air sampling so that we can offer advices on how to prevent the pathogens reappear in your home. We are up to date with the latest technology available on the market so that we can give you the best service you deserve



With years of experience dealing with similar problems of many homeowners, we have decided to put free advising when it comes to air quality because the presence of chemicals can cause serious health issues but there are ways to prevent it so we want to share knowledge with you. After air sampling it will be much easier to suggest you what can you change in order to maintain the quality in your home for a long time

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