Make Your Insurance Claim Foolproof

Home disasters tend to make you forget everything you know about filing an insurance claim, so it can be helpful to jot down steps to follow after experiencing a flood, fire, hurricane, or other weather-related natural disasters. Initial concerns tend to be focused on family members’ health and safety, which they should be.  However, homeowners […]

Mold vs. Mildew

Knowing the differences between mold and mildew will guide home and business owners with their mitigation process.

5 Household Appliances That Frequently Cause Water Damage

Photo of Modern Kitchen

Unwanted water or leaks in your home can be daunting. Although water damage caused by mother nature is imminent, damage caused by your household appliances is often preventable. Since most appliances require water to function, they are disaster prone and bound to leak eventually. Understanding which household appliances generally leak, makes you as a homeowner […]

Winter Storm Prep Checklist

Superior Damage Restoration Maryland Winter Storm

Sometimes weather takes us by surprise. But a winter storm prep checklist can ensure you and your home are prepared for whatever comes. Whether you’re in for snow, high wind, freezing rain, ice, or extremely low temperatures, there are certain steps you can take to be ready. When you create a winter weather checklist, you […]

How To Remove Bad Smells In Your Home

Got some funk in your furniture? Or maybe there’s some stink in your sink? Whatever the source, foul odor is always an unwelcome house guest. But if you need to remove bad smells, help is just a cupboard away. Turns out, common household items can banish bad odor for good. You don’t have to settle […]