Water Proofing Services

Sometimes water mitigation isn’t enough. To prevent recurring damage, you may need professional water proofing services for your home. 

Superior Damage Restoration doesn’t just treat the visible symptoms; instead, we find the root cause to keep your home safe in the long run. 

What Is Water Proofing?

Every water damage situation is unique. The professionals at SDR can inspect and assess your house or place of business for potential water proofing needs. 

Simply put, water proofing means preventing the intrusion of water. As you know, prevention can be more valuable than cure for long-term safety. Our crews have years of experience in this area. They’ll not only clean and dry existing water, they’ll design a plan to prevent future damage.

Water proofing professionals are skilled at determining the right plan for your home. Whether you need an interior drainage system, an exterior drainage system, or something else, we’re prepared to act.

Our team of experts specialize in moisture control and water proofing. Whether you’re dealing with serious flooding or subtle seepage, foundation water proofing can save you significant stress and expense.

Some of Our Work

Water Proofing

Sometimes, what starts as flood mitigation turns into a water proofing project.

  • Prince George County, MD

Barcelona Restaurant

When water damage impacted a booming night life spot, SDR was there.

  • Washington, D.C.

A Custom Water Proofing Plan

When it comes to water proofing, each home has its own unique challenges and needs. Rather than just apply a quick-fix solution, we take the time to develop a smart strategy for your home. With professional water proofing, you don’t have to live with recurring seepage and flooding anymore.

Underground Drain Pipe

A permanent, underground drain pipe can help with gutter runoff.

Reshaping Landscape

Our water proofing crew in Baltimore MD specializes in custom plans to reshape your landscape.

Pumping water

For basement water proofing, we can create an interior drain system using a sump pump.

Waterproof Walls

A French drain is an effective method for water proofing your walls and protecting the foundation of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, some people attempt their own water proofing. Unfortunately, when the job proves unsuccessful, it’s a lot of money down the drain. It’s always best to call a professional water proofing service right away.

With Superior Damage Restoration, you have access to service professionals who do it all. Our contractors are licensed and trained in handyman services, water proofing, restoration, and more. 

Unfortunately, basement waterproofing isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance. But SDR will work with you to find the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your individual needs. 

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