Duct Cleaning Mold Prevention Treatment

Local In-Home Furnace Cleaning and Mold Prevention

Superior Damage Restoration’s certified technicians perform a thorough furnace cleaning in as few as two hours – no need for you to leave home.

What is Furnace Cleaning and Mold Prevention?

A certified technician can safely and effectively clean your furnace – the epicenter for air distribution in the home. This inspection and cleaning will ensure that mold particles or other harmful debris do not pass through the filter into the air you breath.

You might have noticed that furnaces seem to be magnets for particulate matter like dander, dust, dirt, and more. When this debris isn’t removed through proper cleaning, it’s constantly recycled through the air you and your family breathe.


Furnace fans are removed, dusted, and scrubbed


Furnace fan is infused with an organic solution


Mint or odorless organic solution filters throughout the house


Furnace is closed and restored to baseline air filtration

A Superior Damage Restoration furnace cleaning and mold prevention service keeps your home environment safe, healthy, and mold-free. This service requires only one technician and can be completed in as little as two hours. There is no need for your family to vacate the premises while we perform this service.

Get a professional furnace cleaning for $849 per system

Benefits Of Furnace Cleanup

A furnace cleaning doesn’t just protect against mold spores in the air. Thorough cleanings are critical to remove dust, dead skin, hair, and pet dander that create an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and mold.

Benefits of a furnace cleaning include:

Furnace cleanings are necessary for the health and functionality of your furnace, your home, and your family. There are several indicators to signal that a furnace cleanup is in order.

Signs You Need A Professional Furnace Cleaning

Your home or your family might be experiencing symptoms of a furnace in need of a cleaning. Here are some signs you might have noticed around the house:

Perhaps more urgently, your loved ones might be experiencing health issues due to unclean air. Take action right away if you notice:

Our experienced crew can perform a furnace cleaning in under two hours. Not only do we provide a professional cleanup, we apply an organic solution that filters throughout the house to refresh and revitalize your home’s environment.

Get furnace cleaning and mold prevention for $849 per system

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Frequently Asked Questions

A dirty furnace will cost you in the long run. When your furnace isn’t running efficiently, your bills go up. A cleaning also allows a technician to catch potential issues before they get out of hand or require major repair. Most importantly, health issues can be addressed or averted by cleaning your furnace.

A dirty furnace that’s distributing harmful debris can cause respiratory issues, chronic coughs, and stubborn allergies. It can also aggravate asthma and other breathing disorders.

Without regular, professional cleanings, a furnace circulates harmful contaminants. This pattern can cause damage to your furnace, your air quality, and your family’s health.