Living Room Renovation



Superior Damage Restoration provides breathtaking home remolding in Maryland. Our team uses advanced equipment to deliver outstanding remoedling work. As always, our process is 100% transparent and our solutions are all-inclusive. 

Living rooms are often the highlight or centerpiece of a home.  The whole household can relax in each other’s company in the family room. In years past, living rooms were traditionally kept tight and compact to conserve energy.

But with the open floor plan movement and today’s need for more space,  living rooms are expected to be larger than ever.

A revitalized living room can give a home new life.

Our client decided it was time to open up their living room. They wanted the space to be modernized, and spacious to accommodate their new baby.

As always we collaborated with our team of professionals to establish the most efficient method to achieve the desired look.

We are proud to report the homeowner was ecstatic with the results.

We have creative solutions for you no matter what kind of budget you’re working with.

Sometimes a home may appear small and cramped. Often the layout is the culprit and all that’s needed is some remodeling. We want your home to feel open and spacious.

Let us give your home new life.

Barcelona Restaurant in Washington DC

When water damage impacted a booming night life spot, Superior Damage Restoration was there to get them up and running again. We knew time was of the essence, so we worked diligently to make sure Barcelona restaurant in DC could open their doors on time.

  • Washington, D.C.

Mold Remediation In Basement

That moment when you first suspect mold can be scary. We understand the dangers and risks of mold in your home, and our prompt attention to the matter can help put your mind at ease. For the project above, a homeowner in Potomac MD called with a concern about mold in the basement.

  • Potomac, MD