Water Proofing Potomac: Expert Services for Lasting Protection

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One thing we’ve learned over the years is that it’s much better to tackle water issues outside the house before any excess water gets in the basement. Sure, throwing more sump pumps in can help, but eventually will prove itself an ineffective solution. The secret is to correct the root cause.

On this project, the homeowner called us because they suspected water is starting to accumulate, they were cautious due to what felt like an increase in overall humidity in the basement of their lovely home in Potomac. In addition they found some accumulations of water next to the foundation. Not to mention uneven exterior landscaping left puddles in the yard that damaged the otherwise beautiful and lovely outdoor space. 

Obviously, we knew a fresh approach was needed. Rather than just treat the symptoms and direct the homeowner towards installing additional sump pumps, we knew we had to remedy this issue from the source. We developed a detailed and customized strategy to divert water away from the house into daylight. A system of exterior drains were installed in a way that combats slopes and elevation in the landscaping, effectively eliminating the water from intruding into the home.

Resulting is a system of hidden, underground drains that ensures this house will remain dry and cozy with a lively puddle-free backyard.  

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Water proofing of a flooded basement

On this project, the homeowner called us for a basement flood. We found some troubling details about the home’s history and we knew a fresh approach was needed.

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Kitchen Renovation

Some people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you love to cook, you know how important it is for a kitchen to feel intuitive and functional. This project came about when a client decided it was finally time to upgrade her outdated kitchen.

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