5 Signs That You Have Hidden Mold in Your Home

There are many signs that your home has mold exposure, but some may seem arbitrary and thus go ignored. Knowing the indications of mold exposure can save you and your loved ones from mold-related illnesses. 

Mold can cause serious health problems for everyone in a household exposed to mold spores. It is best to remediate the mold as soon as possible because mold spores spread throughout the air and can be inhaled or grow on/in other organic materials. Getting the underlying leakage under control is essential for complete mold removal. Inadequate moisture removal will likely cause the mold to return.  

Keep these signs in mind when contemplating whether or not you should hire Super Damage Restoration mold remediation professionals. 


Unknown Sicknesses

If you’re dealing with symptoms that you can’t exactly pinpoint, it could be that you’re stressed or haven’t been taking care of yourself. Of course, there are always viruses you can catch, but it could also be that you’re dealing with extended mold exposure. After visiting a doctor and denouncing any underlying conditions, if you still are experiencing flu or cold-like symptoms, mold exposure could be the culprit. 

One of the best ways to determine if hidden mold is the reason you are feeling under the weather is to leave your home for a few days. After you return from your mini vacation if you are still feeling the same symptoms you need to schedule an air quality test to determine if you’re dealing with mold illness. Serial nosebleeds are also an indication that you have been exposed to elevated levels of mold. 


Musty Odors

Another identifier of mold is its strong, musty, earthy smell. Mold odors can spread throughout a home in the walls, pipes, and carpet. Similar to the dirty sock odor detected in a locker room- the scent of excess moisture is a clear sign that a mold inspection is needed.

Mold smells will persist until the source of the mold is removed. After that, the air around the previous mold needs to be purified in order to completely remove the smell. 


Water Stains

Many issues are the result of excess water. If you have recently experienced water damage in your home, you may think that following water mitigation your home is back to normal. However, a lingering water stain can lead to larger issues including structural damage and mold growth underneath flooring and behind walls and ceilings. At Superior Damage Restoration, we offer professional structural drying and dehumidification for this type of problem. 
If you have recently had a sewage leak, broken pipe, or even a flood, watch out for water stains they could be a sign of potential mold growth. Contact SDR to put your mind at ease.



Shower Tiles

Often you will be able to see visible mold grout between the tiles in your shower. If left unattended these organisms can reek havoc throughout your entire bathroom and home. Black mold loves moisture and can grow behind tiles, in grout and under flooring in bathrooms.

Check for water damage in your bathroom, this could be soft walls, peeling paint or discolored wallpaper. Checking out your bathroom along with using your nose will help you verify if mold is the persistent problem.


You Live in a New Home

Modern homes are notorious for harboring mold. Unlike old, drafty stone homes, modern homes are built tightly so water and dampness tend to accumulate and be unable to exit. New building materials often have excess moisture along with being porous, making them perfect for mold development. 

If you suspect your home is infested with mold, the best thing you can do is contact us. 

We will be able to test your home and any samples to determine the species of mold and potential hazard to you and your family.

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