Damage to your home or business can be devastating.

After the initial tragedy, you then must attempt to return your home/business to its original state.

If you require emergency damage restoration of any kind in Rockville, you’ve come to the right place.

You may have seen our blue and white trucks around Rockville Town Square providing top tier damage restoration services to all home and business owners in the city.

From flood damage to fire damage to mold removal, Superior Damage Restoration’s highly trained and highly rated professionals are prepared to provide home and business owners with exceptional expedited services.

We know this experience can be difficult and daunting. Working with insurance companies can provide additional anxiety for homeowners, let us take care of that for you. We work directly with insurance companies to take pressure off our clients.

Here are some more details regarding the services we offer in Rockville.

Emergency Water Mitigation

Water damage occurs suddenly and unexpectedly.

It can leave home and business owners feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

With SDR our water mitigation experts will relieve those negative feelings and give you your home back. Our service options include extraction, drying, cleaning, mold remediation, and reconstruction.

We will restore your home to its original state expeditiously.

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Mold Testing and Remediation

Finding mold can be scary. At Superior Damage Restoration, we are committed to providing Rockville residents with safe, expedited, cost-effective mold testing and remediation.

Immediate attention and swift actions are required when handling mold exposure.

We ensure all environmental factors to prevent future mold and to maintain your safety.

Toxic mold can cause health issues, contact SDR and our experts will be on their way to your home or business

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Occasionally water mitigation is not enough. To prevent reoccurring damage to your home you need professional waterproofing done.

At Superior Damage Restoration, we don’t just fix what’s on the surface, we find the root cause to keep your home safe in the long run.

Our crews have years of experience and use that knowledge to provide you with will long-term waterproofing solutions.

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Disaster Restoration

Disasters that affect your home can be overwhelming. A professional disaster restoration service relieves the burden placed on you.

At Superior Damage Restoration, we provide all Rockville residents with prompt, professional services, utilizing the latest technology and equipment.

Whether your home or business needs major or minor repairs our specialists are ready to restore your home back to its glory.

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Home Remodeling

Maintaining your home can often be stressful. Whether your home is big or small, home remodeling can be time-consuming.

Home additions, kitchen upgrades, attic remodeling, and everything in between, we are your team.

You can count on our licensed, insured crew for all your remodeling needs.

Undoubtedly, home repairs and maintenance can be stressful. Luckily, we’re here to relieve the anxiety of doing everything on your own.

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Air Quality Testing

Certified indoor air quality testing is for you and your family’s safety.

The air in your home always contains some level of mold particles.

Testing if your home supports a healthy living environment can shed light on any mysterious symptoms or health issues.

At Superior Damage Restoration, our indoor air quality tests check for elevated levels of airborne toxins, dust, molds, pollen, debris, and more.

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